Our Groveling has hit Gravel!

Satyrus Jeering is proud to announce
 The Nitch is hitting the road with a full cast of All Iowa Artists in a theater spectacle that is sure to
Ensnare your senses! 

More to come.


The Nitch hits the mark!

Thank you for making our Kickstarter a wild success! Click Here to see the results

Good day to you, my weary web-traveling fiends.

As you see above, the Green Tongue Edition is indeed available at this very juncture in time and space. And so, before further explanation, if you are interested in snatching one of the copies of this edition for your own safe-keeping, please click on this link:
The Nitch 1st Edition

For those of you who have yet an explanation for your meanderings present blockade, I will fill you in now.

You see, many ages ago, a story unfolded beneath me. Quite treacherous is such an experience, as I am sure you can imagine, and it sent me flying right off me feet, lofting my corporeal being into a fit of wander. Through both hardships and victories, I have quested through the pages of this ancient talisman, and have finally bound the landed story for your present day indulgence. 

In 62 short pages, I have summated a collection of 28 illustrations, each accompanied by a section of unbroken prose. 

I must warn you. The story has taken a life of it's own, and I am not sure exactly what will happen from this point forth, but know this, constant reader; I will be here with you, should it all get a bit maddening from time to time.

WIth great respect,

S Jeering

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