A touchstone

Greetings fiends,

This Yuletide always sneaks up on me, and I cut it quite close this year.
As a tradition learned from Mithra himself, I give one gift from The Grotto every Winter Solstice. Something from right off my shelf, for as I like to say; do what you can with what you have. 

Last week, in a frantic rummaging through piles of charts, I discovered the mass I was seeking. A token of great hope, once given me by a true friend, who even in his final gasps, chained to the rock Caucasus, found the strength to pass me on this diamond in the rough. Here is that gift:
(I added the note much later, for translation purposes.) 

I will send a touchstone, like the one pictured above, to the first person who comments with the answer to the question:

Who first gave this gift to me?




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