A note

Dearest fiends,

While I have been silent, it has not been out of any desire to keep you in the dark. After all, it is the art of illumination which has brought us together, and our time together is truly sacred to me.

That being said, I have spent nearly six months in the grotto, finishing much business of which I have put off for quite some time. Amongst many delayed tasks were those of glazing my master alembic and tumbling a few old pestles, the former of which duty claimed my left eyebrow, which is growing back in a very slow and somewhat patchy fashion. 

While most of the heavy lifting has been done in preparation for the great work; the work now lies ahead, and I can tell you, I am beyond anxious to begin... It has been years since I last piloted the Slow Harry.

You already know the video below, however, we never did post it here. So here it is. 

Until soon...

Satyrus Jeering



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