The Making: Entry 1


Good day to you, my dearest fiends.

I feel that it is high time I explain to you exactly what it is I do.

As you may have gleaned from exploring the site, I make faces and books. Now by "making faces" or as I often state, being a "Facemaker", I simply mean that I create masks.

Kronos by Satyrus Jeering (Leather, Deer fur, Acorn) Private Commission.

Kronos by Satyrus Jeering (Leather, Deer fur, Acorn) Private Commission.

A good many of the faces I make are for private collectors who need masks for theatrical productions or magical ceremonies, while others simply love to collect special things for their homes and walls. Lastly there are the faces I make to fulfill my passion for the craft itself, and these are always my favorite pieces!

Regardless the face and its purpose, you can always see my latest, shared works, on The Artifacts page of my site.

There is much more to my history of Facemaking, which my Cartographer is progressively divulging to my closest fiends via a monthly periodical called The Quill. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to subscribe by clicking here.

Now that we have established my penchant for all things cranial, lets get to the other half...


As a young Facemaker, my tasks took me everywhere. On my travels I saw the most extraordinary of marvels,  common and rare alike. But it was not the physical wonders like the Taj Mahal or The Sphinx that interested me, rather, it was the "other-worldly" wonders which held me captive. The Fae at Beltane, for example.

Between commissions I often returned home, to my adopted tribe in Micronesia. And upon my returning, the night fires always prompted the children's eager pleas for the stories of my travels abroad. Like myself, they cared not for my memory of the Stonehenge or the Great Wall, rather, the lore they craved was that of living magic! They clamored to hear about my encounters with the more magnificent beings, such as The Jibberish, the horrendous Gooble-Gobble and the fortuitous creature The Nitch!

And it is The Nitch, a favorite tail of the Yappish children, that I have decided to share first, with the world at large.

It is at The Shoppe, in Des Moines, IA, that each copy of my tail, The Nitch, is lovingly hand-bound, for you my dearest fiends. Now feel free to follow along...

First The Hide must be prepared.


Each cover is selected from a large swath of 100% Snitch hide, which is an extremely rare skin, hunted by shamanic seers in the most remote, mountain ranges. While extremely wise, the terrible Snitch is an abominably divisive creature, the likes of which feed on any number of cherished personal possessions, including but not limited to; left socks and keyrings.


Until the next entry,

Make. Believe. Reality.


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