The Making: Entry 2

The Hide

As began in Entry 1, The Snitch hides are selected on an annual basis, by the North American representative of the Order of Micronesian Shamans (OMS for short). This edition of The Nitch requires an approximate 1,200 square feet worth of Snitch skin to complete, which is the equivalent of about three of the gigantic, loathsome beasts.

A rendition of the foul creature as captured in my story The Nitch.

A rendition of the foul creature as captured in my story The Nitch.

Once The Hides have been selected, the cutting commences.
First the tools must be gathered, which include, but are not limited to:

The Square, The Edge, The Marker and The Blade.

Due to the high cost of The Hide, every cut must be made with ultimate precision.
Waste not, want not!

Next we make the marks and begin the cuts.

The Mark

Now, Snitch hide is no ordinary skin. It is tough, porous and extremely slippery, which calls for a very special type of blade. The blades we use are made of pure Unobtainium, which is quarried from the deepest aquifer caverns of the lower arctic realms, by a phylum of very unusual beings known as The Pessu-mystics. These freeze resistant, shell encased cephalopods, live in vessels which are lined with a rare-earth mineral that acts as a magnet for Unobtainium.

The beings are birthed in the deepest parts of the colder ocean, and as the Pessu mature, they migrate towards the equator, unwittingly attracting the rare metal to their shells, along their oceanic journey. A cluster of Pessu arrives in the South Pacific every 11 years, to a hidden place whose location is well guarded by the shamans of that area. The shamans then harvest the beings for their many medicinal and entheogenic properties.

The Cut

Unobtainium is viewed by the shamans, as a by-product, and so, select children of the area tribes are gifted the shells as part of a coming of age ceremony. The right to a shell results in great wealth for the bearers family, as they are traded for great sums within the scientific community. Intrepid expeditioners travel to this perilous region for the sole purpose of obtaining the Unobtainium lined shells of the wonderous Pessu-mystics, and they spare no expense in doing so.




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